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Our vintage Teak Coffee Mortars have been sourced from Java. These beautiful pieces were once used for generations to pound the morning brew in the Villages.  Locally grown beans would be roasted and then pounded in these to get coffee powder which is then brewed the Indonesian way, black, full bodied and sweet!


We think these "lumping kopi" would make great candle holders, planters or succulents or as a feature piece on a table. 


Dimensions can vary as they're all individual but they will be in between 35-45cm wide with an opening of at least 12cm


As these are antique and each one is unique there will be differences in the natural Teak colour, grain and how rustic or well used they've been.  The shape can also vary, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Rustic Antique Teak Coffee Mortar Planter / Candle Holder Unique Reclaimed

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